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I Imagine: A Mother's Day Card for the people who have lost a mother. | wholesale

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Let someone know that you are there for them which can be one of the hardest days of their lives if they have lost a mother.

Outside Text Reads:

I’ve never lost a mother but I imagine that on celebratory days like this daughters and sons are unintentionally forgotten.

I imagine that on days like this that floods of sadness ebb and flow on the brim of your eyes and fortunately despite the sadness joyful moments aren’t totally lost in the eye of the storm.

I imagine at the center there are moments of faith that anchor you when you feel like you are losing it and moments that make you smile or laugh causing a luring calm. 

I imagine there is a rising desire to hear her voice once more, receive a gentle kiss that calms you when storms seem relentless, a floating reminder that she is there. 

I imagine that today may be hard I imagine at moments you may feel like you are drowning in a sea of loneliness.   


The text of this card was written by Tiffany McGraw ©

Size A2
[4.25 in x 5.5 in]
MATERIAL 120 # Smooth Matte Finish
Method Digital
Interior Blank

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