I am Tiffany and I believe that our stationery has the power to heal, restore and cultivate relationships.


"People might discriminate, but mental illness does not."

“I love, love, love this gorgeous donation. Why? People might discriminate, but mental illness does not. But some communities are more likely to think: “I can’t talk about it, people who are “_____” are strong - we’re not suppose to have these issues, I can handle this,” mental illness is more stigmatized in some communities; some communities have less access to care and care they do receive is inferior. Only 50% of the African-American community living with mental illness receives treatment.
 I love this donation, because it speaks to the beautiful diversity that is America. I’ve had many hospital visits now. I estimate that about 1/3 of the patients I visit are African-American. These cards will allow them to better relate to the people featured in the cards, they may say: “This person is like me, I’m not alone. My African-American community is thinking of me, maybe they understand what I’m going through." A more relatable example may help them feel less alone. For this reason, I am very grateful to Tiffany"
- Katherine Ponte,   Founder of ForLike Minds


Our Story

Detroit based graphic designer/illustrator, Tiffany McGraw, has been honing her skills as a graphic designer and artist for the past 11 years. 

Originally a print journalist, Tiffany combined her desire to highlight what’s missing and needed in the world with her love of art to create a stationery line that reflected the diversity that she felt was missing in the greeting card industry and also highlight the need to help remove the stigma surrounding mental health especially among women of color. 

Paper Rehab is Inspired by all the amazing women in our lives, our message seeks to celebrate, cultivate, restore and heal relationships. We want to promote healing, compassion, support, and a spirit of sisterhood that can be counted on no matter what. 

 We offer cards for every occasion, rejoicing in the best of times and coming together to offer condolences in times of sorrow and loss. If there is something you are feeling or a relationship you are looking to restore or heal, that you’d like to express but can’t seem to find the words, there’s a good chance we have a card that can help you speak your truth. 

 We’re here to help you share your love with the world.

Our Story

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